UMELink Smart with Intelligent Street Light Management System Wonderful Debut 2018 China Mobile Global Partner Conference


        On December 8, 2018, the 2018 China Mobile Global Partner Conference was successfully concluded at the Guangzhou Pazhou Poly Exhibition Hall. The conference lasted for three days, and hundreds of domestic and foreign top-level partner companies from China Mobile gathered together to focus on the 5G,IoT, and intelligent AI innovations, excellent cases, application experiences, etc. Three aspects were demonstrated and interacted.


       As one of the members of China Mobile Internet of Things Alliance, UMELink Smart was invited to attend the conference and brought the intelligent road control management system of UMELink Smart.


        As early as March of this year, U-Smart's self-developed UM9000 intelligent street lamp management system was launched in the market. The street lamp management system combines new technologies such as Zigbee wireless communication, Internet and cloud computing to make urban road lighting projects more intelligent, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. And through the standardized technical interface, the complexity and engineering cost of the entire lighting project is greatly reduced. In August of the same year, UMELink Intelligent further intelligently upgraded the streetlight management system, and released the UM9000 system equipped with NB-IoT wireless communication, which realized more compatibility.


       The UM9000 intelligent lighting control system solves a series of problems that traditional lighting methods cannot. First, the control strategy is more diversified and can achieve true on-demand lighting. Traditional lighting is mechanized, it is impossible to adjust the lighting according to the environment, and the intelligent light control strategy is more diversified. Each street lamp can independently adjust the illumination of the street lamp according to the change of the external ambient light, and can also adjust the compensation rate remotely for different lamp aging conditions. In order to keep the brightness constant at a stable value, it can effectively ensure the safety illumination and extend the life of the lamp.

       Secondly, energy saving, the realization of on-demand lighting effectively reduces the energy consumption of urban lighting. Whether it is theoretical data or actual pilot, it can save 30% to 50% of electricity by coordinating calculations.


       Again, the reliability is high and the user is more friendly. On the one hand, UM9000 has higher reliability in the design of outdoor battery and structure. On the other hand, the system operation is simplified as much as possible. The fault analysis and reporting mechanism can locate the fault to a specific location, and report it to the management personnel at the first time to let the equipment Operation monitoring and fault diagnosis are also more convenient and controllable.


      At present, in line with the trend of 5G and the Internet of Things era, UMELink Smart has joined forces with many domestic and international street lighting companies and telecommunications companies to jointly promote smart city lighting. At the same time, it is also actively participating in the implementation of the agreement standards, based on the present, focusing on the long-term, under the unified standards, software and hardware can be compatible, build a smart streetlight ecosystem, to promote the healthy development of the entire smart lighting industry, contribute their own A force.